Tracking downed power lines in West Virgina, and the terror threat to the US power grid.

Out with the front-line power line workers getting power on to the masses after a huge ice storm.

President Biden's excuse for killing the Keystone pipeline was that it would help save the environment.  But today's podcast explores how it will actually do the opposite.  With Congressman Clay Higgins.

Exposing the theology of environmentalism.

Armenian aid worker tells us about the families who are still hurting in her country after the brutal war with Azerbaijan and Turkey. Find out what she is doing to help. Would you like to help too? We're going to Armenia May 1-9 and you are invited! Sign up at

Bracken comments on border policy and election fraud.

A continuation of our conversation with Author and Commentator, Matt Bracken about the scary future America faces at the hands of the left.

Author, Historian and former Navy SEAL Matt Bracken has lots to say about the current state of the US military and the future vision the Left has for America. Don't miss this.

Ira Mehlman works for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, and he can give you about 200 billion reasons why President Biden's executive orders today made America less safe.

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